New Valeo Starter Motor For All R850/1100/1150 & R1200C Bikes
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Servo Assist Brake Bleed/Flush Funnel Tool
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K75/100/1100 (5/85-12/92 Only) Fuel Pump Replacement Kit

K75/100/1100 (5/85-12/92 Only) Fuel Pump Replacement Kit
Item# BB16121461576NK

Product Description

New Complete Bosch fuel pump replacement kit for all K bikes built from 5/85 to 12/92. This is the larger diameter pump. Contains the pump, damper, clip, screen, fuel filter, fuel line, fuel injection rated hose clamps and replacement washers and nuts for the damper/clip assembly. The filter screen is the later style for bikes built from 5/85 on. It has the nipple for the vent hose which is not on earlier models. BMW gets over $600 retail for these parts!!! Save big here!