SOLDR1200GS /GS ADV & R1200R Transmission W/7K Miles, (Up to 1/08)

R1200GS /GS ADV  & R1200R Transmission W/7K Miles, (Up to 1/08)
Item# BB230076937318K
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Product Description

This transmission came from an '07 R1200R bike with only 7000 miles. Will fit R1200R & R1200GS models up to 1/2008. Should bolt up to any R1200 series bike built up to 1/08. Unable to Road test due to bike front end damage so we are unsure of condition . The cases and splines appear perfect and there is no reason to suspect this is not a good working trans. Considering cases alone are over $1300 from BMW this is a great deal! Includes the potentiometer but not the clutch slave cylinder. BMW gets over $3000 for these parts.