SOLDK1200RS/GT (Pre 2005) Ohlins Shocks, Front & Rear

K1200RS/GT (Pre 2005) Ohlins Shocks, Front & Rear
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Product Description

Good condition set of front and rear ohlins shocks for all k1200RS/GT bikes up to 2005. These came from a 30K mile bike but have only approx 5K miles on them. Front spring # is 180-58/72 508 L3511, rear spring # is 1093-64/160 L2612. These are the standard springs we think and should be rated up to approx 210lbs of rider weight (please check with Ohlins USA to be sure these are right for you). Rear has adjustable compression and rebound, remote reservior, hydraulic preload adjuster and ride height adjustment. Front has adjustable rebound and manual preload adjustment. These would go for over $1500 new, save here!