New Valeo Starter Motor For All R850/1100/1150 & R1200C Bikes
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Servo Assist Brake Bleed/Flush Funnel Tool
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New Lower PriceLiqui-Moly Racing 4T 20W-50 Engine Oil (Mineral) 5 Liters

Liqui-Moly Racing 4T 20W-50 Engine Oil (Mineral) 5 Liters
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Product Description

5 liter jug of high quality German Liqui-Moly Racing 4T 20W-50 engine oil. This is the regular mineral based engine oil with API-SG/SJ/SL rating. This is enough for 1 oil change on all Oilheads, K-bikes and Hexhead R1200 series bikes with 1 liter left over for topping up. Also enough for 2 oil changes on an Airhead bike with 1 liter left for topping up. Compare to BMW's retail price of $41 for 5 liters and save here!