New Lower PriceLiqui-Moly Synthetic Racing Gear Oil, 75W-90, 1000ML

Liqui-Moly Synthetic Racing Gear Oil, 75W-90, 1000ML

Product Description

A 1000ML bottle Liqui-Moly fully synthetic gear oil. This is the fully synthetic GL-5 rated 75W90 weight gear oil. This is the correct oil to change the transmission and final drive oil on your bike. Compare with BMW's retail price of approx $30 and save here. We are currently having trouble keeping Liqui-Moly gear oil in stock due to a packaging and part # change made unannounced by Liqui-Moly. In the short term we will be substituting Maxima synthetic 75/90 gear oil instead. The Maxima oil meets all the same BMW specs for their gear oil just as the Liqui-Moly oil does. If you are concerned which oil you will receive please contact us before ordering

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