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- Used parts come and go frequently and we often only have one of a particular used part in stock at any one time. Instead of deleting sold item pages permanently from the website and then having to recreate them again when we get the part back in stock, we use the SOLD! and "Out of stock - email me when available" tag and button. This allows customers to sign up to be notified when a particular used part becomes available again.

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We have over 3000 parts on the site, so you can see how deleting entire product descriptions and part #s and then recreating them all over again when we get parts back in stock would be very time consuming. We'd rather spend our time finding and dismantling bikes, answering all inquiries, and shipping all orders within 24 hours. Thanks for your understanding.

Servo Assist Brake Bleed/Flush Funnel Tool
Regular price: $49.95
Sale price: $34.95
New Valeo Starter Motor For All R850/1100/1150 & R1200C Bikes
Regular price: $209.95
Sale price: $199.95
Aftermarket Replacement Fuel Pump Kit R850/1100/1150
Regular price: $151.95
Sale price: $147.95