AF-XiED O2 Sensor Manipulators

AF-XiED O2 Sensor Manipulators
AF-XiED O2 sensor manipulators are the best solution for the overly lean fueling common to all BMW bikes. This lean fueling results in poor low end torque, hotter running, snatchy throttle response and dips in the power curve. All BMW fuel injection systems use the O2 sensor signal to adjust fuel trims, thus only a device that alters the O2 sensor signal can be effective long term to enrichen the fuel map. The Af-Xied is the only fueling solution to do this. THE AF-XIED REQUIRES A STRONG O2 SIGNAL. IF YOUR O2 SENSOR HAS MORE THAN 50,000 MILES ON IT YOU MAY WANT TO CONSIDER BUYING A NEW O2 SENSOR WHEN INSTALLING THE AF-XIED. YOU CAN FIND THEM ON THIS PAGE FOR 1100, 1150 & K1200 MODELS

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