AF-XiED For LIQUID COOLED BMW R1200 BIKES - O2 Sensor Manipulator

AF-XiED For LIQUID COOLED BMW R1200 BIKES - O2 Sensor Manipulator
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Fits all R1200 LIQUID COOLED BIKES (R1200GS/GS ADV/ R/RT/RS). The AF-XiED O2 sensor manipulator is a plug and play O2 sensor controller that allows you to change the closed loop fuel injection air/fuel ratio from the stock overly lean 14.7:1 ratio (the main culprit in surging and poor throttle response issues) to as low as 13.6:1. It is a simple plug and play device that plugs in between your stock O2 sensors and the bikes wire harness and is easily adjusted with a small screw driver. Two new style integrated control module/RAM units are included, one for each O2 sensor that allow the device to work with the new 2013 and later liquid cooled bikes without throwing error codes. Advanced circuitry changes the O2 signal sent to the stock BMW Motronic fuel injection brain to achieve a richer air fuel ratio. Benefits include elimination of surging, much better throttle response and acceleration, better pull from low rpms in all gears, the ability to ride a gear higher than normal and reduced pinging. This is a much simpler, more elegant and less expensive solution than piggy-back fuel controllers like the Power Commander to the notorious lean running condition on the BMW R1200 Hexhead and Camhead, bikes. The BMW-AF-XiED allows the full use of the Motronic and leverages its adaptive abilities to also richen open loop air/fuel ratios. After a couple tank-fulls of gas your bikes Motronic will have full adapted and the bike will be running better and better. We have tested this device back to back with a dyno tuned Power Commander on one of our personal bikes and came away so impressed we sold the Power Commander and started carrying the product - it is that good! Fits all R1200RT/R/S/ST/GS/GS ADV & HP2 bikes. Also fits all K1600 models.

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