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AF-XiED For BMW R1100 & K1100 O2 Sensor Manipulator

AF-XiED For BMW R1100 & K1100 O2 Sensor Manipulator
Item# BBbmwafxied1100U

Product Description

Fits all R850/1100 models except the R1100S and also fits all K1100 models. The AF-XiED O2 sensor manipulator is an O2 sensor controller that allows you to change the closed loop fuel injection air/fuel ratio from the stock overly lean 14.7:1 ratio (the main culprit in surging and poor throttle response issues) to as low as 13.6:1. It is a simple splice in device that connects to your stock O2 sensor wiring and is easily adjusted with a small screw driver. Requires 2 crimp style connectors and one tap connector (included). Advanced circuitry changes the O2 signal sent to the stock BMW Motronic fuel injection brain to achieve a richer air fuel ratio. Benefits include elimination of surging, much better throttle response and acceleration, better pull from low rpms in all gears, the ability to ride a gear higher than normal and reduced pinging. This is a much simpler, more elegant and less expensive solution than piggy-back fuel controllers like the Power Commander to the notorious lean running condition on the BMW R1100 & K1100 bikes. The BMW-AF-XiED allows the full use of the Motronic and leverages its adaptive abilities to also richen open loop air/fuel ratios. After a couple tank-fulls of gas your bikes Motronic will have full adapted and the bike will be running better and better. We have tested this device back to back with a dyno tuned Power Commander on one of our personal bikes and came away so impressed we sold the Power Commander and started carrying the product - it is that good! SEE YOU TUBE INSTALL VIDEO HERE: VIDEO 1

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