SOLDTemp Out of StockNew Siebenrock Basic Plus Plate For All R1150 & R1100S Bikes

New Siebenrock Basic Plus Plate For All R1150 & R1100S Bikes
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Product Description

New German made Siebenrock basic plus clutch friction disc for all R1150 & R1100s bike . The friction material can handle considerably more torque than the OEM disc and is a great high quality alternative to the OEM disc which costs nearly $180 from a dealer. BMW and Siebenrock both recommend replacing all clutch components (pressure plate, cover plate, diaphragm spring and clutch bolts) when installing a new friction disc. If your clutch parts are worn unevenly and you install a new friction disc without replacing the other clutch parts you risk damaging the new friction disc and severely shortening the life of the new friction disc.

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