New Item"Dimple" Magnetic Drain Plug, 12 X 1 MM

"Dimple" Magnetic Drain Plug, 12 X 1 MM
Item# BB33117705854M

Product Description

New 12 x 1mm magnetic "Dimple" drain plug. Has a magnet 1435 times stronger than the OEM drain plug. Attracts all metallic contaminants and keeps them from harming your engine, transmission or final drive. Fits the final drive for all R1200 GS, GS ADV, R, RT, ST, S as well as all K1200/1300S, R, R-Sport, GT bikes. Also fits the engine/trans (1 plug) for the SS100RR bikes as well as all K1200/1300S, K1200/1300R & R-Sport bikes and all K1600GT/GTL bikes.

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