R1200/ K1200/1300 Fuel Pump Flange Repair Clamp

R1200/ K1200/1300 Fuel Pump Flange Repair Clamp

Product Description

Now available at Beemerboneyard! This is the clamp designed to repair the infamous fuel pump flange cracking issue. In case you have not heard there is an issue with the fuel pump flanges on BMW R1200 series and K1200/1300 series bikes. Where the female quick disconnect fitting screws into the plastic fuel pump flange cracks are being found on the threaded boss and some guys are getting leaks as well. If your flange is beginning to crack but not leaking yet (eventually it will!) simply install this clamp around the the threaded hole where the female quick disconnect fitting is installed and tighten. This will prevent the cracking from getting worse and leaking. If yours is already leaking you can remove the female quick disconnect and use JB Weld to reinstall the fitting, then install the clamp. This will repair the leak without having to buy a complete fuel pump assembly from BMW for over $400. Fits all R1200 Hexhead & Camhhead bikes and all K1200/1300 bikes. FOR US ORDERS WE CAN SHIP VIA FIRST CLASS MAIL FOR $3 - JUST SELECT UPS GROUND AT CHECKOUT AND PUT A NOTE IN THE COMMENTS SECTION OF THE ORDER FORM MENTIONING THIS AND WE"LL REFUND THE DIFFERENCE AFTER THE ORDER IS PROCESSED

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